The Art of Storytelling in Photography

The Art of Storytelling in Photography

The Art of Storytelling in Photography

2 Days Online Program ( Saturday & Sunday )

Mentor – Tania Chatterjee

Contact : 91- 8420124417 (only whatsapp)

Email : [email protected]

Online story telling workshop is suitable for amateur and professional photographers. Also useful for mobile photographers.

Day – 01 (02 October 2021)

Time : 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Topic of Discussion : 

  • What is storytelling in photography?
  • Different components of storytelling in photography
  • Single Image VS Photo series
  • Documentary Photography
  • Case Study Discussion

Day – 02 (03 October 2021)

Time : 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm)

Topic of Discussion :

  • Elements of a good storytelling in photography
  • Tips and tricks in story telling
  • Portfolio Review
  • Question-Answer Session

NOTE : End of the workshop participants will receive a digital copy of “Art of Storytelling in Photography” by Tania Chatterjee

Number of participants – 10

Workshop fees – INR 1,600 (for two days)

(If anyone interested in a special one-to-one session, contact mentor Tania Chatterjee directly)

Enrolment Process

  • Enrolment is based on first come first serve
  • Payment of full fees in advance is mandatory
  • Interested person to contact for payment details

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