FOTORBIT SHOWCASE : Photographer Arindam Das

FOTORBIT SHOWCASE : Photographer Arindam Das

FOTORBIT is committed to showcase and promote the work of promising photographers of India. At FOTORBIT we help people to tell stories, through their images. Arindam Das is a passionate photographer, who believes in consistent improvement. Most of his work revolves around Kolkata with beautiful representation of daily life and culture of Bengal. FOTORBIT had the opportunity to have a brief conversation about his photographic journey and showcase some of his works. FOTORBIT wishes Arindam for his future endeavors.

Q. Please introduce yourself to our viewers:

I’m Arindam Das. resident of Dankuni Housing Estate, Kolkata. I’m a professional photographer having a degree in Management. I’m fascinated with street and daily life. The people on the streets, the busy conundrum of the roads is what I find interesting and that happens to be the essence of my photography.

Q. Who is your motivation/inspiration /supporters of photography ?

I clicked my first shot when I was three years old. My Grandfather and father were both enthusiastic photographers. In fact, my grandfather had a complete setup of developing photographs at home. I grew up in this conducive ambiance and was motivated to take up photography as a passion and profession.

Q. How hard is it to get the right street images?

Street photography has always intrigued me because it comes with challenges. It entails traveling to places in all kinds of weather and always be prepared for that perfect frame which happens to be momentary since a moment worth capturing will not come back once it has passed away.

Q. What are the challenges you have faced as a photographer and how you overcome them?

Amateur photographers always face the disadvantage of not getting access to the vantage positions as Press Photographers do. In many situations like Durga Puja immersions, we have to jostle through crowds to get a good shot from a good angle. It is not always possible to get access to the vantage positions. Yet being an amateur street photographer has its charms and in many cases, I have been overwhelmed by the love,  affection, and cooperation that I have received from the common man on the street.

Q.Share your opinion about a travel/street photographer’s ethics and hardship:

Photography is a broad range subject. Its periphery is immense. I feel that the job of a photographer is to present reality in an aesthetic way. A photographer has an important role in society since he can capture any situation and moment and bring it to the notice of many people. Especially in street photography, it is through his eyes that the rest of the world can witness the essence of a particular moment or situation.

Q. Share one of your memorable experience as a photographer.

As a street photographer, my memorable moments are related to the common man on the street. Once while shooting in Shantiniketan I had been to Khowai where a haat happens every Saturday. While people were busy purchasing stuff from the hawkers i noticed a little girl sitting quite far away from the haat with a bunch of lotus flowers. She, however, had no customer for the flowers. Dressed in rags she aroused my sympathy. I asked her if I could click a shot. She willingly agreed. After i clicked a few shots I showed them to her and her joy on seeing herself in the camera display was enormous. In the meanwhile, I had purchased all her flowers and asked her to go home as it had started raining. She invited me to come to her village which was close by and wait in her home till the rain stopped so that my gears were protected. We ran to her village and were greeted by her family who expressed extreme delight at me having bought all her flowers. I was even blessed by her old Grandmother and was really touched by her affection. The photos of the girl that I had clicked have won many accolades in many forums and they continue to be some of my prized shots.

Q. Tell us about the camera, other gears and editing software you use.

Camera Nikon D7000 & Nikon D5300 , Lens Tokina 11-20mm, Nikon 18-140mm, 35mm, 70-300mm , Photoshop CS6, Nik full version

Q.What message you want to convey to the aspiring photographers ? Dedication and passion are essential for photography. The urge to learn more techniques and tenacity to hold on despite failures is what makes a good photographer. Experience is always the best teacher and the camera is your best friend. The more you handle it the more you learn how to use it best.

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