Essence of Thimphu Tshechu of Bhutan

Essence of Thimphu Tshechu of Bhutan

Essence of Thimphu Tshechu of Bhutan

Photo Story By Tania Chatterjee

Tshechu is integral part of the cultural and spiritual life of the Bhutanese people. It is an annual religious festival held in each districts of Bhutan on the tenth day of a month of the lunar Tibetan Calendar. The dates of the celebration of Tshechu vary from district to district and year to year. The festivals are normally held in Dzongs or monasteries. Tshechu is a large social gathering of local people and attending this religious festival is an important part of the spiritual devotion for the Bhutanese. Local wear their finest national costumes to attend the festival.

The main attraction of Tshechu is colourful and vibrant mask dances that are mostly performed by the monks.  The dances recreate the legendary events that took place during the life of Guru Riponche. The dance represents 8 peaceful and wrathful forms of the Guru subjugating destructive spirits in the 8 directions.



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