About Us

Fotorbit is committed to organise a lifetime travel experience to our guests. Most of our photography tours have a cultural focus, while others are primarily be wildlife and nature photography—and some are mix of all of these genres. Our each Photography Tour cum workshop has been designed by the experienced photographers, for the upcoming enthusiastic photographers, with an objective to put you at the right place at the right moment to capture meaningful photographs. In each location, we try to work with experienced and knowledgeable local guides, those who are passionate about their tradition and photography and interested to share it with others.

Our aim is to provide our guests the exposure to understand the tradition and culture of a particulate place. We believe in culturally sensitive encounter and memorable interaction with local people.

Fotorbit always limit group size small, so that we can guarantee our guests a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. With such small groups, our trip guides are able to give personal attention to each of our guest and it also help to facilitate photographic interaction between our guests and the local people more easily.

Our photographic tour filled with personal attention from our tour guide who will help you to frame images that you’ve never imagined and will try to answer all your questions. During our photo tour we will try to improve your on- field photography skills, as well as selection and post-processing of images.

Fotorbit’s Endeavour Is To Ensure, That You Capture And Bring Back Home, Soul-Ful Of Memorable Images


Freelance photographer and storyteller; capturing portraits and inspiring human stories. Has a strong acumen to portray indigenous cultural, social issues and travel stories across several states of India as well as different counties like Netherlands, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal & Bhutan.